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So how is Sion doing? Is he charismatic enough? Too much ideals?

Lemme know!
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▷ First Impressions
Silver hair with an aura of nobility, golden eyes with strong will! So the narration gives us the first time he shows up every volume His hair us usually braided, and there's a fifty fifty chance of actually seeing his eye color, because he smiles with them closed a lot.. About 5'9".
Here! (Asruld sounds the same – although the way he speaks is harsher. Sometimes Asruld doesn't use Sion's mouth, and then it is a mental voice that sounds like him.)
Paper, ink – office smells. When around Ryner and Ferris more – a bit more of dango and tea. Occasionally blood on his breath.
Thoughtful, confident, and kind, you look at him and think "yes, he's a hero king! A little tired looking, but that's because he's working hard for our future!" He's also a teasing asshole, but that only comes out around his friends.
▷ IC Permissions
Sion is a bit hands-off because wait he's supposed to be King. A flip of him just awkwardly going along, or running with it and turning it teasing/trolling.
Let me know! Sion is capable, but also has been avoiding being personally in danger for a while, because he kinda has some inhuman traits now. Cough, gold blood, cough.
SION WILL HAPPILY TROLL THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. Wait that wasn't what you were meaning?
If I didn't already hit up your permission's post, please PM me to do so! Sion's a mess, and I doubt Asruld would take kindly to someone poking.
Sion is barely a mage. He is really only good at one spell. Mages in this canon seem to deal with the ambient stuff, holding onto nothing that marks them out. On the other hand, if someone can sense other-worldly things, Sion currently has an eldritch consciousness trying to consume him. This consciousness usually is passively chewing on him, but occasionally acts up (trying to force its memories on him to overwhelm him), or actively tries to control his body.
CONSTANT PAIN. Head feels like it's gunna pop from headache, blood feels wrong (like it's poisoned, or something), torso pain like if he vomits his organs will be there. It occasionally spikes to the point where he has to scream a bit, but very rarely. Occasionally coughs up blood, and the blood is shiny golden. Like literally glowing golden..
PLEASE DON'T SEND HIM DEAD DOGS. I'll.. add more if I can think of things that would actually set him off!
▷ OOC Permissions
Sure! I might send a PM if it drags on long enough w/o tags to go "okay how do you think this went" if it feels super important tho!
Go for it!
Don't expect to be believed / follow the rules of the game. Silly brackets are okay with me!
Right now? None.

▶ ANYTHING ELSE? If you want to run something, but don't think it will happen in game, feel free to hit me up for a PSL!
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[Character] = Sion Astal, Hero King of Roland*
[Canon] = The Legend of the Legendary Heroes ( Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu / 伝説の勇者の伝説 )

General permissions
The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is home to a lot of terrible things. Child Soldiers, tons of violence, eye horror, high rates of child death, sexual assault, a few cannibals. (Take Game of Thrones, ramp it up a bit-) IF YOU WANT ME TO AVOID THESE THINGS, LET ME KNOW.
Sion isn't someone who takes part in that, but his history does involve it.

Sion is no longer quite human – he's something called a Human α, which really just means that he has unnatural charisma. Literally infects people with "you like me", although not in a romantic sort of way, but in a loyalty sort of way. People who can escape this are non humans, or humans who can't fully feel emotion for some reason or another. Learning he has the Mad Hero may or may not make the effect go away. This is a passive ability, and Sion can't do anything with it. Basically Sion has powers of "I just met you and you're kinda awesome I wanna follow you".

Asruld is living inside Sion, and can take control over his body, thus talking in a normal way, or can communicate with "A voice that seems to be from above and below and inside your head", because y'know, deity level being.

In a worst case scenario, and Asruld gains control of Sion's body, Asruld can summon black swords. Five is seen as what he hits Ryner with - which are controlled by willpower. These do not do physical damage. They are seen ripping clothing, but do not cause bleeding. They seem for the purpose of spiritual things - devouring or transferring Mad Hero powers. However, they seem to hurt like hell regardless.

Asruld is most commonly described as darkness - "A pitch black consciousness", "he succumbed to the darkness", "your periods of darkness". Asruld is described this way, but not described as 'evil' - rather, he is a being of destruction who exists to right the wrong that the existences of Goddesses creates. (Or, well, he was supposed to take out a set number of Goddesses, run into one more powerful than him, and collapse out of no longer having a purpose. But he changed the rules of his existence with the help and power of Ryner Reed, the Lonesome half of the Lonesome Demon)

The reason there's the whole Human α thing is because Asruld's plane of existence is the original one. The above mentioned beings known as Goddesses tried to imprison him, and the spell that keeps him bound is called Human, and makes up the Menoris that Sion lives on, with the individual humans being part of it. I think the only difference that there really is for humans and Humans is that the Menoris Human has magic to their flesh - if someone consumes magic, they can gain some by cannibalism (this is a thing that happens in canon. I am sorry)

Copy-paste, with game/character name!

Unless you really want to deal with Sion's spreading of Love, his magic Charisma is nuked due to not dealing with the right kind of Humans / because it's a bit weird to mess with / unless a game event would make it happen again.

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Player Information:
Name: Samm
Age: 24
Contact: AurianEnasni @ AIM, radiantwingedone @ plurk
Other Characters Played: Duke Pantarei (Tales of Vesperia
Most Recent AC Link: Link!
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